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  1. Promotes Social Interaction. While you are busy working, you loved ones may feel lonely at home. Social interaction is extremely important. Long periods of isolation due may cause bad mood, depression and overall decline of quality of life. Adult Day Care can be a place where seniors make new friends and expand social circles.
  2. Overall Health Improvement. Unfortunately, as human body is not perfect. Often, aging process is accompanied with a variety of chronic conditions such as heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, or other. Adult day care plays an important role as it helps to address such issues by offering seniors a one stop shop where they can receive professional nursing care, delicious and healthy meals, and daily exercises.
  3. Attentive Nursing Care. Adult Day Care Center offers nursing care to its participants. Our nurses carefully review each care plan and pay close attention to each participant’s needs. Upon arrival, nurse might check one’s blood pressure, temperature or even level of sugar. Your Mother and Father won’t need to wait for next appointment at the hospital, as nurses are readily available for requests.
  4. Safe Environment. You might be worried to leave your loved ones alone. Not a problem. Blue Hill Adult Day Care helps you with this as it open Monday to Friday , 8:00AM – 4:00 PM , and soon to be open 7 days per week.  Our participants receive care and attention from qualified staff. Participants who need assistance with ADL (activities of daily living) enjoy undivided attention by nursing staff. Seniors also receive mental and social stimulation through the center’s organized activities.
  5. Good Nutrition Program. Everyone loves ice cream and cakes. However, it is extremely important to have well balanced diet that provides enough vitamins and micro-elements. Adult Day Care Center contracts with a professional nutritionist to develop a menu. In addition, menu is created on a rotating basis, so participants receive a variety of healthy and delicious meals at the center. Typical day of our participant starts with a breakfast which consists with right amount of protein, carbs and healthy fats. Breakfast is followed by a mid-day snack. As our participants enjoy snacks, chefs are busy preparing lunch.
  6. Physical and Mental Stimulation. It is extremely important for seniors to be physically and mentally active. Every day, a variety of activities are offered that challenge participants’ motor skills as well as their cognitive abilities. Bingo, puzzles, trivia games are just some examples of might be happening at Adult Day Care. Zumba for seniors, dancing around the chair or resistance bands exercises help our participants to stay active and physically strong. In addition, Blue Hill Adult Day Care is a multi-cultural center. Our participants speak different languages, such as Haitian Creole, Spanish, Cape-Verdean Creole and English. Hearing different languages being spoken improves memory and increases one’s cognitive abilities.
  7. Creates Routine.A lot of seniors with dementia benefit from a structured daily routine. Not only does it reduce their anxiety but practicing regular activities may help them remember menial tasks more readily such as dressing, bathing, etc.
  8. Makes Life Interesting.COVID19 put a lot of pressure on all of us, especially elder adults. When an elderly person is home bound or isolating due to early memory issues they can miss doing the things they used to enjoy. Adult Day Care Center offers a variety of different activities. For Example, Blue Hill Adult Day Care loves to partner with local music band from Boston, Dorchester or Brockton. Our participants enjoy listening to favorite American, Haitian, Spanish and Cape Verdean melodies.  Music helps to relieve stress and improve mood.
  9. Delay Moving to Long Term Facility.  The ultimate goal of adult day care centers to keep people at the level they are for as long as possible. Making sure their social, physical, and mental needs are met can help keep your loved one at home and delay the more to a long term care facility. Adult Day Care services are usually covered by various insurance companies, such as Mass Health, Senior Whole Health, Commonwealth Care Alliance, United HealthCare, BMC and Tufts.
  10. Promotes Independence.While aging may come with memory issues it can also take away a person’s independence. When they lose things such as driving and living alone they may feel as if their life is not their own anymore.  Adult day centers give them a sense of freedom to make choices from the care they receive to the activities they engage in.
  11. Reduce stress for caregivers. Taking care of your loved ones could be a stressful task. Knowing your loved one is in a safe and secure environment can give worried caregivers peace of mind. Even more, adult day centers give caregivers some much needed respite time to ensure that they stay happy and healthy while reducing caregiver burnout.

There is a great amount of Adult Day Care center around Boston, or even Dorchester. Blue Hill Adult Day Care is one of them. We invite you to visit us at 995 Blue Hill Ave, Dorchester , MA and see how everyone enjoys their time with us. As we like to say “Come as a guest, leave as a family”.